A very brief look at me:

  • Current location — Dortmund, Germany.
  • Age — 33.
  • Family state — married.
  • Education — Magister of Philology (Translation).
  • Main profession — content creator (copywriter).
  • Current place of work — freelance.
  • Hobby — computer, role play and table games.
  • The purpose of the personal blog — to save my ideas, thoughts, exciting moments and some inspiration results.


My Skills:

  • content creation and editing of any complexity (copywriting, blogging, content-management);
  • creation and leading of info and sales email newsletters;
  • content checking and editing (excellent grammar skills, patience, punctuality);
  • team-leading (experience in creating a copywriting department from scratch to 35 employees and leading it for 8 years);
  • internet marketing: SEO, SMM, SEM;
  • languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German;
  • web development skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • public presentations and seminars (more info below).


My Public Presentations:


My Publications:

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