Rosenmontag Dortmund 2019

Rose Monday in Dortmund

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On March 4, a traditional carnival in honor of Rose Monday took place in Dortmund. This day completes the whole carnival season, which begins on 11th of November. Throughout all 3 months, people are preparing for this last day and the carnival procession. In the Slavic tradition, this day corresponds to the holiday of Pancake week (Maslenitsa). In all Christian cultures, fasting begins after this day and continues until Easter.

Rose Monday is most popular in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Mainz. But in Dortmund, this holiday is also worth mentioning. The main event of the festival is a carnival procession, along the whole path of which the participants throw various sweets to the spectators. In addition, on this day (and the weekend preceding it), festive fairs with rides and shops take place in the German cities.

Today, I invite you to visit Rose Monday in Dortmund with me.

Photos and videos from Rose Monday in Dortmund 2019

First of all, it should be said that the holiday concerns not only the participants of the carnival procession. Most citizens — adults and children — try to find unusual and funny costumes. Here is one example:

Carnival procession begins at 14.00 in one of the districts of the city and slowly moves to the center. The parade reaches the main streets at 16.30-17.00. But as early as 14.00, the fair starts full-time work — the attractions open (in the morning only some shops are open). Unlike the Christmas fair, the focus is on the rides — there are more of them and they can entertain not only children.

When most people have walked enough around the fair, it’s time for a parade.

A variety of organizations and communities is involved in a carnival procession. For example, children’s and youth sports communities:

clubs, shops, cafes, restaurants and other companies:

favorite football club of all Dortmund — Borussia:

and other talented members:

Not without political satire:

But the most important thing for many guests is the treat:

What we managed to catch (although this was not our main goal):

And finally — several videos from the Rose Monday Carnival in Dortmund in 2019:

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