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Author: Sempris

Virtual Reality and 360° Videos` Issue within the 7th FOKUS Media Web Symposium in Berlin

Virtual Reality is one of the most ambiguous things for me: on the one hand it promises a huge new world of opportunities but on the other it remains underrated and suffers from a lack of funding because of its implicit financial benefit. Nevertheless, the complexity of VR subject attracts lots of scientists and inventors of the modern digital industry segment.

7th FOKUS Media Web Symposium in Berlin is one of the best proofs of Virtual Reality being essential for modern digital world and its nearest future. The conference is held by Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems and the organizers have made a really awesome job on connecting people around VR and 360° videos` issue.

The conference included 2 days and one meet-up night. I have managed to visit only the first day of the conference but have gathered lots of interesting information. Let me now share some of the most exciting pieces of the information that have convinced me about brilliant future of VR despite of its current problems.